King of New York! The quality of the illustrations, game pieces and the custom dice are just top notch. It’s worth checking out if you’re looking for a fast-paced fun game is that easy to learn for people that don’t play board games too often! And it has a cool theme, you get to play giant monsters, does it get better than that? There’s a review of The Dice Tower you can check out to get an impression of the game:

So, everybody who has cats and likes to play board games must have experienced this a few times – or very often. Our cats can’t stand it if our attention is focused on a piece of cardboard, after all: what are we humans thinking, they are the center of the universe! Most of the time the ‘damage’ done by these adorable furry creatures is reversible, but not always…

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Do your pets have annoying ways to draw your attention when you’re playing a game?

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