In King’s Trial, 2 to 5 brave adventurers will compete in the competition of their lives – Get rid of the dragon and become the heir to the throne.

Travel through the randomly generated realm, completing various quests for the king to gain his favor. Whether it be shooing away some evil sheep that are bothering the farmers, organizing a magnificent party in the local amphitheater or gathering delicious pastries from a far-away village.

On your travels expect to meet all manner of characters who might try to block your way. Help your fellow adventurers or hinder their progress, just don’t be surprised if they abandon you when you need them the most. Collect gems, help cards and king’s favors to aid you in your journey, and only once you are ready, you may face the terrifying dragon!…to bribe him of course. You’re not crazy enough to face him in direct combat, are you? The fastest adventurer to fulfill three quests and get rid of the Dragon will win the KING’S TRIAL!


Launching on Kickstarter on the 27th of April!

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