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Cubes are the best! While a miniature or even a standee can only be one thing or a set of similar things, a red cube can be anything from a Welsh follower to a wound! That’s why we collected 71 different cubes from some of our favorite games to present you with this handy guide into the world of cubes and their meaning. If you ever find a random cube in your house again you can quickly see what it might be!

Ironically, we didn’t play any game containing cubes this week, although we did continue the Lost Ruins of Arnak solo campaign that requires you to add some cubes from other games as a story marker. Where now halfway through the campaign and while we are able to complete the goals we are nowhere near scoring enough points to beat our automated opponent, we can only hope this doesn’t come back to bite us like a snake hidden in the bushes…

We also got tricked into playing a game! A friend has been trying for years to play Imperial 2030 but wasn’t able to get enough people excited about a game that’s about trading in obligations and going to war for profit. This weekend, however, he invited us for a game day and he had already set up the game, so there was no escape. While we thought the idea of having a war game in which the player that controls a country can switch because of stocks is interesting, it went on for a little too long to really recommend it. If a designer would be able to turn this into a version that could be played in an hour or 90 minutes, this would be a very interesting game.

We hope you have a great week and don’t forget about our ongoing giveaways over on our Instagram!


Can you name all the games that are in the guide?

I recognized:

Coal from Power Grid (original, not deluxe).
Poverty point cube from London.
Disease cubes from Pandemic.
Adventurer cubes (cleric, wizard, rogue, fighter) from Lords of Waterdeep.
Some stuff that is likely Terraforming Mars based on an educated guess (science cubes, maybe credits or uranium?)

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