When I saw this meme in my Twitter feed every day this past week, I couldn’t resist, it needed to be Semi Co-op’ed! I think it’s charming in its simplicity but clear visual language and oh dear, we could have made ten alternatives to this comic!

For everybody who celebrated Thanksgiving last week, we hope you’ve had a chance to enjoy some time with people that are dear to you! We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving over here but we do have the whole Black Friday/Cyber Monday madness nowadays. Did you get any new games?

We enjoyed a relaxing game of Wingspan, which is perfect if you just want to play a medium-weight game with excellent production quality. And on Tuesday we played a three-player game of Raccoon Tycoon!


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We demo’ed Raccoon Tycoon on Spiel and Forbidden Games was kind enough to give us a copy of the game, so we were happy we finally got a chance to play it! It’s a fun and light economic game with very short turns, so there’s almost no downtime in the game. Players can influence the value of different goods on the market by playing cards and/or by selling their resources, devaluing them by the number they sold. But that’s just a way to get money, with that money you can buy buildings that give you all kinds of bonuses and buy cute critters on the auction! The beautifully illustrated forest animals have a set-collection element to them, the more you have, the more they’re worth – so that makes the auctions very exciting and forces players to “hate draft” because you really don’t want to let any player get that fourth one or they’ll probably win the game! Then there are also Burrows you can buy with resources for points. We really enjoy that the game is quick and breezy and really easy to explain and we don’t own anything like this. 🙂

We also played our first analog game of Castles of Mad King Ludwig! We used to play this game a lot while traveling on a tablet and recently we got the opportunity to buy a second-hand copy for a steal. We were too curious how the game would be “in real life” and if it would be very different from our app experience. And it turns out it’s not! Because the app does a lot of the thinking for you (tile-laying restrictions and scoring) we even think we understand the actual rules of the game better now. Definitely, one we’re looking forward to introducing to some of our friends.

We also progressed to the next chapter in That Time You Killed Me and loved how the introduction of a new game element changed up the game. We don’t want to give any spoilers, but so far we think it’s a lovely thinky two-player game.

This week we’ll be having quite some visitors spread out over the days because it’s Heinze’s birthday on Friday. Maybe we’ll play games, maybe we won’t, but either way, we will eat cake! 😉

Are you on left or right side of the bus?

I feel like I’m sort of on both. I pick up rules super quickly, so I’m normally able to explore the mechanics *in pursuit* of winning the game (and enjoying myself muchly while doing so).

btw – which is the right side, and which is the left? Is it from our point of view, or the point of view of the people on the bus?

I usually win if a game is new to the group – Something about that urge to explore the mechanisms always seems to take me down a sensible route and do well for me.

Then ironically as I play a few more times and stop exploring I get worse because I fall into various traps of trying to win in a particular way.

Definitely way more fun exploring than playing to win though, love the comic 😀

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