Personally we own quite a lot of games and picking one to play is hard sometimes. So many choices! It’s even worse when we meet up with friends to play a game, because they own tons of amazing games as well! Many of us like the ‘epic big’ games, but then it’s most likely that you’re limited to playing one game which makes picking one harder. Friends of us own Cthulhu Wars and Eclipse, two games that are high on our ‘Need to play that!’ – list. Can’t wait to try those.

Last year we had a 10×10 list* that helped us a little when we couldn’t decide on what game to play. We haven’t made such a list for 2016 yet – maybe we should. It’s a great way to make sure that some games get the ‘attention’ that they deserve. 😉

* a challenge in which you make a list of 10 different games that you’ll need to play 10 times each in one year

How do you decide which game to play?

now a days there is ectualy a real game that lets you pick a game, it works with a sort of voting system. you can give a game you realy dont want to play a -2 votes, but one you do want to play a +2. somthing like that. game with most votes wins, if there is a tie you do it again but only with those 2 games that tied first. if there is a tie again you just play both games firs the one that takes the least time.

We have a system where one of our guests gets to choose the first game, and from there the first/biggest/worst loser gets to pick the next game. As long as everyone actually plays each game (and doesn’t intentionally lose), this system works great.

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