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AEG designer Josh Wood (Cat Lady, Santa Monica) drew inspiration from his personal experience to create Let’s Go! To Japan. He spent three years planning a trip to Japan and was even learning Japanese when the pandemic necessitated the cancellation of his booked flights and hotels. In a brilliant stroke of resilience, Josh realized that the joys of vacations aren’t entirely in the travel itself, but also in planning what you know will be an amazing experience.

In this card drafting game, you’ll create an engine that activates only once to make the most out of your weeklong plans and fulfill your personal goals. Puzzle out the most rewarding activities in Tokyo and Kyoto to maximize your experience while balancing your resources using over 120 beautifully illustrated cards drawn by Japan-based artists.

Only through Kickstarter are we able to create the theme saturated version of this game that we envisioned. The Matsuri Edition of Let’s Go! To Japan includes over 100 wood tokens, cloth storage bags, premium component holders, components for up to five players, and comes wrapped in furoshiki cloth because we want you to experience the joy of planning a trip to Japan.

Get notified when the Kickstarter launches on March 21st!

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