Last week Spiel released a video in which they’ve given a sneak preview of what their plans are for Spiel Digital. They are ambitious and I really like the fact they are trying to make it more of an experience and not just a list of exhibitors and a list of games.

If you’re interested, you can see the video here:

They have also offered to establish contact between content creators and exhibitors and we think that’s going to be an amazing opportunity for a lot of people. We’ve also sent in our media kit and that might lead to more sponsored comics and that would, of course, be wonderful!

We will certainly miss the chaos of the Spiel floors this year, seeing friends from all over the world we don’t get to see otherwise and the unhealthy food options that are available in the Galeria hallway. BUT it’s great to see how convention organizers like Spiel, UK Games Expo, and Gen Con are trying their best to keep connecting gamers and publishers and we sincerely hope that this will be a success.

Talking about playing games with people from all over the world… we’ll be guests on the Formal Ferret Games live stream to play High Rise with Gil Hova this Thursday at 8 PM CEST! We really enjoy the game and are really looking forward to playing it with Gil. 🙂

Will you “visit” any of the upcoming digital conventions?

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