Lion and Gazelle have an opinion about something on people’s minds right now: will you reach your set (gaming) goals for 2023?! I believe we completed the famous 10×10 list once or twice many years ago but since Semi Co-op has grown through the years we also get sent quite a lot of games by publishers and that’s why we’ve given up on that yearly goal. We love the idea and its concept, but it’s not feasible for us. The challenge was created by Sarah Reed, who also runs the YouTube channel Rolling with Two together with her husband Will. They have great videos discussing if games work well with just two players and they also take a look at the accessibility of the games they play, recommended!


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Last week was filled with multiple game nights, hurray! We continued our Descent campaign and we might have to conclude that the “heroic” difficulty setting is slightly too hard for us. We find the normal difficulty fun but a little too easy but we’ve lost the last two scenarios since we started upping the difficulty. Both times, we would have won if we would have had one more turn. Usually, we’re ok with this (it’s a challenge!) but since you cannot replay a scenario in Descent it’s kinda frustrating so we’re switching back to normal. The harder difficulty level also leaves little time to explore the story elements on the maps and that’s something we enjoy as well.

On Thursday, we met up with friends we hadn’t seen in quite a long time and since we knew complex games would be a no-no, we brought Robot Quest Arena and that was a hit! The game has just the right amount of silliness and interesting choices and just always is a good time, we think this one would easily get on our 10×10 list. 😉

The day after, we played a series of smaller games with friends. Friends had bought Kites as a gift without having played it themselves so they were very curious about the game. The game is so much harder than I remember! It might also be easier with two players than with four..? We also played the game Purrfect Match which is a cute little card game about collecting cats. It looks really cute but it feels like there’s not much game to it? It would be a perfect gift for people who love cats and very light games. But if you play games regularly we would recommend Cat Lady if you are looking for a cat-themed card game because that has a little bit more bite to it.

And this weekend we felt like playing a co-op and played Horizons of Spirit Island which is a ‘shorter’ version of Spirit Island. We were quite disappointed about the rulebook which was uhm… well, really hard to get through. The game also comes with a quick-start guide and that’s probably a better way to learn the game but that was set up for three players instead of two so we dived straight into the rulebook. The hassle of the rulebook aside, we did enjoy playing the game and even won while the Fear level was still two out of three. Oh, and we like that there are five gods included in the game so there’s a lot of variation there! I’m really curious how our second play will go and how different this version is from its big sibling.

But to return to the topic of the comic…

Have you set any gaming goals this year? And how’s that going?

No goals here, just enjoying what I can get. Been a good board game year for me and I hope that continues.

Great to see you guys enjoyed Spirit Island! I do wonder how many people have used Horizons as a stepping stone to get into the game versus how many just wanted five new spirits. The rule book issues might point towards the latter being the case. That said, maybe it’s a personal preference thing. as to me the Spirit Island rulebooks seemed decent enough.

Annual goal to play 80% of my collection. Hit it exactly on the nose with a big game day on the 30th. I don’t do 5×5 or 10×10’s cause I find it harder to do the 80% goal. The 80% goal is also useful as anything not played in 2 years makes it to the cull pile.

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