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It’s been a busy week and a week with very little gaming. It happens once in a while and that’s ok. There were evenings when we didn’t have the energy and preferred to hang on the couch and enjoy watching some Dropout shows (we’re hooked on Game Changer and Um Actually at the moment) and we started watching the new Fallout series. Oh, and one of my highlights; we planted a new tree in our front garden!

We did play a game of Splendor Duel and this weekend I played the one thing Heinze will never be able to play with family: Hues and Cues! Heinze is colorblind so that’s really not a good match. Although it would be very frustrating for him to play, I guess it would be rather educational for people to learn what colors look like for somebody who can’t perceive the whole spectrum as most people can.

Hues and Cues was trickier than I thought! Every turn one player draws a card that shows four colors and its location on the grid on the board. You get to give a one-word hint to the other players who have to put their pawns on a color on the board. After every player has placed one of their pawns, you get to give another hint only with two words this time. You can’t actually name the color you want people to find, so it’s best to come up with well-known things like ‘eggplant’ or ‘avocado’ – although with the latter… do you mean the outside or inside of the avocado?
The players put down their second pawn and then a square of 3×3 will be put on the board with the color that players had to find in the center. Players get points if their pawns are inside this square or adjacent to it on the outside. The player who described the color gets a point for every pawn inside the square. I like that the game is very accessible for non-gamers (as long as they are not colorblind…) and it will probably lead to some really interesting discussions about colors, as it did at our table.

So this coming week will be the opposite of last week! We’ve got at least two game nights and a game day planned and I’m looking forward to it. 😀

What’s the last game you’ve won?

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