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It’s the last of the Lion and Gazelle comics for this summer break but we hope it won’t be the last! Next week we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming but we suspect we’ll see these two around.

Last week the Kickstarter for Board Game Day ended and it was a big success, the book raised $17,3K so far and Ambie will be opening a late pledge manager, so soon you’ll be able to back this lovely children’s book if you haven’t done so already. Rachel is finishing the last details for the book in the coming week, so if all goes well it will be sent to the printer at the start of September. We can’t wait to see the book in your (children’s) hands!

We also played some lovely games last week, we played our first two games of Xia: Legends of a Drift System, which is probably already our favorite sandbox game we’ve played so far. It strikes a nice balance between being simple without being boring, and we really feel you can choose at any moment to switch goals and be the coolest space cowboy in the galaxy. We can’t wait to play so more of this great game.

We also played some more Caldera Park and it’s a fun addition to the Savannah Park series. We really enjoy the risk factor of the weather tiles and the different terrain gives the game a bit more options than Savannah Park. Both games are great when you’re looking for a short but interesting puzzle you can enjoy with gamers and non-gamers alike. Both are also excellent in providing you with all the tools to screw yourself over in later turns though, so expect to hear a lot of “oh no!” at the table! 😀

Another short game we had a great time with, and we think that a lot of people will enjoy, is Air, Land & Sea. While the regular edition is probably fine we really enjoy the Critters at War edition, which is the same game but features wonderful art by Derek Laufman. It’s two-players only but it offers amazing depth and tactical options for being such a small game. Shut Up & Sit Down did a great review of the normal version of the game if it sounds interesting.

Like we mentioned before, next week the regular comics will return and we will probably be getting hyped for Essen Spiel as that is only 47 days away! We hope to see many of you there and we can’t wait to see all the friends we made over the years again. Also, some of the releases this year look really good, with a special shout-out to Peter B. Hoffgaard’s Starship Captains. Peter is the mastermind behind the wonderful Tabletop Together tool, that helps you organize all the games you are excited about during big conventions. We also hung out together after-hours during Spiel, so it’s super cool to see him not only designing a game but seeing it receiving a lot of buzz!

Do you get stiff and sore during a long board game?

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