Fog of Love is a romantic comedy as a board game. A delightful relationship simulator that is far more than the sum of its parts. As a two-player game you’d think that Fog of Love would be exclusively a game for couples. But this hilarious sitcom-in-a-box leads to great gaming moments with any two players that are willing to go along for the ride!

Floodgate Games acquired Fog of Love in 2021 and Love on Lockdown will be the first of many planned expansions to this critically acclaimed game. Including an all new love story and the many situations that arise when you’re stuck inside together, Love on Lockdown will be an excellent addition to fans of the game and a relatable place to start for newcomers!

Create your characters and detail what first drew you together, and why you’re now stuck with nowhere to go. Explore a branching story with multiple paths depending on how reckless or apathetic your characters have become through their actions. Decide where your relationship will go with all new Destiny cards to choose from. You’ll need to balance your satisfaction in the relationship with the needs of your partner. Or maybe that’s not actually important to you. Will you throw caution to the wind or hunker down together for yet another movie night? And didn’t you pick last time?

Fog of Love – Love on Lockdown releases this August from Floodgate Games! If you’ve yet to discover this unique gaming experience, there’s no time like the present to pick up the core game, available now!

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