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So this actually is becoming an issue! We already own a lot of games and the group of friends around us that play (and own) board games is expanding. Luxury problems! And this Wednesday is my birthday and I really don’t know what to ask. There’s still some games in our house that we still need to play, so I’m hestitant to ask for even more games. I’ll just let people surprise me, haha. 😀

Diplomacy is (as far as I heard) quite a way to damage friendships. I myself haven’t played it, but Heinze did. What I know is that the game takes a very very long time to play. And you most certainly know that a nice friend you negotiated an alliance with, will break that alliance as soons as he/she got what he/she wanted out of that deal. I’ve heard other people still talk about betrayal in a Diplomacy game that took place years ago. It’s fascinating, but to be very honest: not something I would play.

What game should I definitely ask for my birthday?

(If you’re curious: click here for a list of all the games we already own)

If a new game could be an issue, why not ask for an expansion for a game you already own and enjoy? Plenty of expansions and ally/villain packs for Imperial Assault, for an example. And that reminds me there’s the new Star Wars Rebellion that looks amazing and is awesome for 2 people.
Eldritch Horror also got a new expansion recently…


I would suggest the Gallerist if you want a heavy but really good worker placement game.

if you want to try an experience where you actually don’t feel so much in control I would suggest almost any game by Phil Eklund (though the graphics a terrible in most of them, they are really solid games)

if you want a weird party game, you could go with Vu’du. you cast curses on the other players but really cashes in when they break them. a curse could be to sit on the floor or speak in a high pitched voice or have to jump every time they have to throw dice.

Red7 is a really good small filler…

if you want a really thematic filler, Red Dragon Inn is a good choice. there is the advantage that there are several versions that works together so you don’t have to think up new wishes the next year

Firstly – Happy birthday!

As for your question, do you have a list of the games you own on BGG? It might be easier to suggest something if we knew what you already owned, thought for suggestions from shooting in the dark:
BattleCon: War or Fate of Indines (can be added to your Devastation set)
Cash n Guns – immensely silly party game
PitchCar (or PitchCarMini if you’re restricted on space) – a game that can be played with anybody, flicking discs around a race track
Sentinels of the Multiverse – massively replayable Superhero game set in it’s own unique universe whilst pretending to be based on an existing comics series, with many heroes corresponding with familiar archetypes
The Bloody Inn – really tight little game about the owners of an inn competing to make money by killing guests and pocketing their cash
Compounded – competing to make chemicals in a lab (Mixture of trading and engine building)

D&D Temple of Elemental Evil is a great game for up to 5 players. Dungeon crawling adventure and combat game 🙂

It’s got a Campaign mode, if you can convince a couple friends to join you consistently, but that isn’t necessary.

That list is just you two, not your whole group, right?

Do any of your group have Galaxy Trucker? It’s expensive — the anniversary edition a couple years ago was a steal at $125 because it came with both the expansions, but the price point is the killer.

Otherwise, how about Three Cheers for Master?
It’s a little, dorky pallate cleanser of a game that is nice and simple and goofy.

Or Tsuro… or Tokaido… or … well that’s enough for now.

Happy Birthday. I recently acquired Tokaido the Collector’s Edition. I had never played the game before and after the first play at our weekly Tuesday game night , two weeks ago, it is now my number one game to play. In fact all four players of that first play are in agreement that it is one of the best game experiences that they ever had. Looking forward to my third play tonight.

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