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There’s a lot of “junk” in our house that got a second chance, due to…  Gaslands. “Those tiny pieces of metal would look really good on some of my cars!” 😛 We try to keep junk with potential to one box though.

Last week we introduced a new feature for our Patreon backers of which we are really excited: Timelapse videos of the drawing process of the comics! For a cool freelance project, I needed to be able to draw on location and thus I decided to invest in an iPad Pro! I’ve been eyeballing it for a couple of years now, but it was never really necessary and I had my doubts I could work on it as well or efficiently as on my six years old Wacom Cintiq 13HD in combination with my desktop PC. Boy, I am blown away! Even my biggest problem with the program Procreate, not being able to add text, was solved with an update a week after I got the iPad! I can now really make comics, anywhere, I am no longer desk-bound and that feels weird but very good. 😉 And on the plus side: Procreate automatically saves time lapses of the whole drawing process, giving me new cool content to share! Exciting times!

Our board gaming life has been quite dried up these last two weeks. We’ve both been really busy and we’ve had a guest in the house for the last two weeks and we’ve been away from home a lot. Hopefully, we can manage to get back to board gaming in the coming weeks! I am really starting to miss it. 😀

And in less than two months, it’s time for the UK Games Expo! Well, that at least will give us time to finally play some games! But I do feel horribly unprepared for it and have no idea what games or projects we need to look out for… Help?!

What games should we check out at the UK games Expo if we get the chance?

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