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It’s a shame we don’t actually know somebody that works at Human Resources but we think it’s really interesting to see if they enjoy worker placement games. This immediately reminds me of Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr in which your workers actually received stress if they had to work too many shifts, that’s a real worker placement game! 😉

Ironically, we haven’t been playing any worker placement games this week. We played our first game of Books of Time! The lovely people from Board & Dice showed us a prototype copy at Spiel last year and we were surprised that the game is already done and available!

Books of Time takes the book part of the title really seriously. To be precise, it’s a book-building game. All the players have three books (Science, Industry, and Trade) that they will add pages to during the game. These pages will create more available actions for that player with which you can gain resources, advance your civilization or upgrade your books.
We think it’s charming that there are some recognizable Board & Dice elements in the game, like the Science, Industry, and Trade tracks that players can advance on – but it’s a totally different game from their previous titles! The game plays quite fast and turns are short because players can pick only one standard action and can choose one of the two actions that are available in the Chronicle, the book in the center of the table. Every round a page in this Chronicle gets flipped, revealing the new available actions for the next round, and the book also serves as a smart timer for the game itself. Once there are no more pages left to flip, the game ends.
Having played only one game, we feel like we know what the game has to offer a bit but we don’t know how to play it optimally yet. But since the game only takes 45 – 60 minutes, we’re sure this will hit our table again!

On Saturday we continued our Artisans of Splendent Vale campaign. Last time we didn’t finish the scenario we played because it took too long and we’re glad that we stopped because it took us at least two to three hours to finish it.

We didn’t play any other games this weekend except a game of Potion Explosion and Paperback (both the app versions) on the train because we were training for our trekking trip through the Alps! We walked about 25 kilometers (approximately 15,5 miles) with backpacks this weekend and that went better than expected, so hurray for that! The only thing we can’t really train around here is hiking on actual mountains in The Netherlands… we’re even lucky to have a few hills around if we travel a bit. :’D

What is the last worker-placement game you played?

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