One of the coolest things about roleplaying games is creating a character, but it can also be tricky. It’s easier to pick a character that is close to your own personality but it might be more fun to pick something that’s more outside of your comfort level. In either case, if you’re not a talkative person and don’t feel comfortable being put in that position, I’d say you can always go with a barbarian! Be like Tom Hardy and just grunt a lot. 😉


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Last week we’ve received a mystery package from Itten Games containing not one but FIVE games! We surely didn’t see that coming. They’re five games from the Fun Brick series and two of them are even designed by Reiner Knizia. The Fun Brick series are oddly shaped smaller boxes (long and rectangular like a…  small brick!) with short fun and silly games in them. So far we’ve played Viking See-Saw and Judge Domino. Viking See-Saw is just a hilarious balancing dexterity game in which the player who places all their goods on the ship first, is the winner. And Judge Domino is all about guessing if a chaotic row of domino stones will completely fall over or not. Playing it with just two, the latter would definitely work better with more players. We’re looking forward to trying out all of them. 😀

We also played our second team game of Undaunted and we’re liking it a lot! You can read about that on our Instagram account. And we played our first game of Village Rails! We thought that Village Green could be an intense little game, Village Green is no different! In the game, you’ll make seven routes and a good scoring route can make you thirty points while a terrible route could score you zero points. So having a couple of low-scoring routes on your tableau can really ruin your chances of winning. We think the game probably gets easier after playing it a few times. 🙂

This week will mostly be about rounding things up and making sure everything will be ready for SPIEL next week! We’re really looking forward to this year’s edition. We have a lot of fun meetings booked and look forward to meeting people again.

Oh, and in case you missed it, we published another comic for #SheGames last week and this week we’re having two extra comics lined up for you. One tomorrow and one on Thursday.

Do you like to play RPG characters that are completely different than your own personality?

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