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Happy Valentine everyone! We noticed that once every three years we do a valentine’s day comic, so we couldn’t break that accidental tradition. This year we thought it would be fun to do a MicroMacro themed one as we’ve been looking for an excuse to emulate that criminally cute style for a while now. I’m very impressed with what Rachel has been able to pull off in just one day, although she mentioned that the actual MicroMacro art would have about 100% more characters running around in the same space and way more funny and smart details tucked away in every corner.

We had a very busy week last week so we only played three games, two of them being our most played games of all time! We played some Hive, which with 64 plays is our second most played game and is still our favorite traveling game as those pieces are very sturdy. Thanks to the Cardboard Kid we were inspired to play Netrunner for the 79th time ever! Other than that we also continued our Pandemic Legacy Season 0 campaign which is we’re taking slow but are really enjoying.

Other than board games we’ve both been playing some video games this week, Rachel is really enjoying the relaxing pace of SpiritFarer and I started playing Hades this weekend which has some great frantic roguelike gameplay.


In which game would you like to celebrate Valentine’s day?

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