Our friend Jeroen has ordered all of the expansions of Cthulhu Wars and they could arrive any day now! We’ve seen some pictures online of people with their (not-even-complete-yet!) collection of the game and that’s already mighty impressive to say the least. You probably need a dedicated closet to store all of the boxes. We’ll surely take some pictures and post them on our Instagram account.

Although we’re really excited about the fact that somebody we know will now own everything of Cthulhu Wars, it also made us realize that we clearly don’t feel the need to always ‘complete’ a game. We prefer playing a game a few times first and then we will decide whether we’d like to expand it. Most of the time we end up buying another game. 😉

Do you feel the need to complete games and of which games do you own everything that’s available?

I very rarely “feel the need to complete game”. The only game I can think of is Eclipse – for me it’s the best 4X game I’ve ever played. All expansions are modular so it’s relatively easy to choose only some parts of it (but almost always my playgroup uses all “modules” from all expansions 🙂 ).
Second game I sometimes think about “completing” is… Ticket to Ride 🙂 Mostly becose it’s great family game (it’s my moms favorite game) and additional maps are relatively cheap (I don’t plan to ever buy another “main” game with train cards etc, but probably I will buy some additional maps)

I sound like a broken record at this point, but I own the Deluxe Set of Codex. It includes all of the factions, tokens, map cards, 5 playmats for a full game of free for all, etc all in a HUGE box to hold it all. I also own all of Yomi, so every character deck as well as the EX versions and the special Dragon card for the 2v1 mode. Let’s see…I also have every set, mini set, and promo card for Pixel Tactics in my Deluxe box. I also have 3 sets of Epic, and 3 sets of the Tyrants expansion for a full draft cube.

These are all competitive card games, where owning everything doesn’t so much give you an edge or give you more game so much as unlocks the most competitive and strategic value of the game.

I love the idea of owning multiple sets of things like Epic or Codex to be able to host big game types like an epic draft cube, but how often do you get such a big group to spent a day playing multiple games, do you have any tips?

This reminds me that I love doomtown:reloaded as a big multiplayer battle with premade decks, so I should bug the owner of Doomtown in our game group to host another afternoon of weird west fun when he has a full set :). (Anyone has some spare doomtown:reloaded Jokers btw? We want to get enough for a five player game)

Quite honestly, I mostly play these games 1v1. I would love to do an 8 person draft for Epic, but it is truly difficult to get that going. But, I enjoy it all the same! I know that I’ll play it like that one day, but for now I’ll take all the 1v1 I can get.

If the game is great i’ll want to buy expansions for it but at the end of the day it’s a cost analysis. Do i like this game enough that i want the next expansion for it? If the answer is yes then it goes well do i get to play it enough to justify it? That answer is usually no.

So what ends up happening is i throw all the extra content on my wishlist and am happy when i get it secret santas or i find it in a flea market or on a 50-60% off sale at a store. So i don’t mind slowly growing it, usually it’s enough of a reason to pull the game out and play it again when i finally grab a new expansion.

Cthulhu Wars though i went all in on the second wave because of how fun the basic game was and the price was too good to miss.

I never usually buy everything for any game after the dice expansion for Ticket to Ride put me off and too many cards spoiled Agricola for me. I bought the core game of Cthulhu Wars (Jeroen should have receved that from OS2 a year ago?) and have no ordered *everything* for it! It’s jyst an awesome game.

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