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We cannot be the only ones that need to control ourselves saying VROOOOOM while playing Heat. :’D We introduced the game to another one of our gaming groups and it was a hit with most players at the table. Resulting in us now having planned our very first Heat championship in a few weeks! Hurray! We’re really looking forward to experiencing the build-up during the races, and seeing how the sponsorships and upgrades will influence the game. We ended the night with lighter fun games: Yogi and Block Party! You can’t really go wrong with Yogi and Block Party is one of the newest games by Big Potato games. It’s basically Lego Creationary but with cubes and the fun charm of Big Potato Games, we had a great time and it was a really fun closer to the game night.

On Tuesday we played our fourth game of Descent and we really enjoyed this scenario. While the last one we played was a bit “annoying” at times, this one had great storytelling and the effects on the game board were cool and interesting. So far absolutely no regrets about getting this beast of a box. 🙂

During the rest of the week, Heinze and I played some Hive and Patchwork on Board Game Arena. Being able to just make a turn whenever you want is actually rather convenient… but also kind of distracting, so we’re not making it a habit. 😉 We also got another game to our actual table and we finally tried the co-op/solo game of Cosmoctopus and that was a nice puzzle! Not a puzzle that we won, but we had fun with it nonetheless.

We also played our second Button Shy Games game, ever. You might know them from their so-called “wallet games”. They make games that only use eighteen cards! Since we’ll be carrying everything on our backs that we take with us during our holiday, we thought it would be a good idea to look into the smallest games. Their games are not available here and on their site, a lot of titles are sold out, so we were happy to see that they offer all of their games on PnPArcade as print-and-plays. Having the tools to make a decent card game ourselves, we’re looking forward to trying out different games from their catalog!

So far, we’ve only “made” and played Circle the Wagons after reading a lot of positive reviews but we have our eyes on at least another five of their games. We’ll have some time on our hands after hiking during the day, so that’s an excellent moment to play and see what the different games can offer while using only eighteen cards.

What games make you add sound effects?

If you like Button Shy games and don’t mind them coming in a slightly bigger form factor, Quined has done a number of republishes (small pack of cards form factor). Including circle the wagons, sprawl & agropolis, tussie mussie, ..

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