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We’re always very careful with our board games and make sure we don’t lose any pieces or cards. And so far our careful treatment has worked, we’ve never lost a single card, token or die! Woooh! I probably jinxed it by saying it out loud though.
About this comic: Pim borrowed our copy of Above and Below and mentioned that one of the cards was missing. Which we didn’t believe but it did make us question ourselves at one point. Luckily it just turned out to be in a wrong pile of cards. 😉

A few weeks ago we went over to our FLGS to play another one of their demo games and thus we finally got to play Istanbul. The game is highly praised by Quinns of Shut up and Sit Down, so we were curious. And the game is just SOLID! It’s good. And even a lot of fun to play with just two players. This is certainly a game that might end up in our collection.  🙂

Did you ever lose tokens, cards or dice of one of your precious board games? Share your sad story with us!

Our table has a split in it right above on of the leg supports and stuff falls through all the time. I found a building from Between Two Cities, a building from Suburbia, a puzzle piece, and a coin from 7 Wonders once. Also, I’ve had a friend who lives a state away return an energy cube from King of Tokyo that she found in her house in a birthday card almost a year later!

Normally I’d say that I never lose anything, but since having a toddler, things just go missing. Like, Bermuda Triangle, unexplained disappearance phenomena missing! We’ve lost his Duplo train (fairly chunky), one of the two keys for our car, and many other things.

He’s seen us play Dominion, Ticket to Ride: Europe and Kingdomino, so it’s only a matter of time before a card, train, domino tile or meeple goes missing!

At least with Kingdomino we’ll know by the end of a relatively short game if we have a tile missing from the complete set! And TTR comes with spare trains, likely for this exact reason!

Hope your safe streak continues! Your cats must be well trained!

My cats are notorious dice and mini thieves.

With Imperial Assault, they only seem to go for characters with lightsabers: is it because they provide great leverage for picking up with their teeth … or is it because they sense the power of the Force??

We have a few games that we got used which have been missing a card or pawn. No big deal in most cases because the game was inexpensive and/or the parts easily replaced.

My wife did lose a set of pawns to Empire Builder. But since we own eight different versions of the game, we could easily replace them.

We did find a black cube under the sofa once. It turned out to be from Pandemic. I have no idea how long it had been missing, or how many games we lost because we didn’t notice that we had only 23 of the 24 cubes.

I was thoroughly impressed with Istanbul. When the guy put it out on the table, I was excusing myself to play something else, but when nothing else was available, I gave in and decided to join the game of Istanbul. Boy was I glad I did, what seemed like a dry, boring game was a whole lot of fun, and we immediately played it again with the Mocha and Baksheesh expansion which made it even better!

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