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We don’t really care if we win or lose a game, we just like hanging out with friends, exploring new games, and enjoy seeing cool strategies and ways to approach a game we already know. this is probably a reason we’re not big on gaming tournaments as we don’t think playing the game for hours on end surrounded by people who have analyzed a game to the finest detail. We’ve also realized that losing is something you learn by playing and losing lots of games. Especially when we talk to friends who are introducing their kids to games, we often hear that their kids will stop enjoying the game once they have a feeling they won’t be able to win. How people learn to deal with losing a game is very different though, as we can see in today’s comic.

Speaking of losing, Rachel won a lot of games this week! Every other Tuesday we play online games with friends and because one of the friends wasn’t able to join our regular session of Anno 1800, we switched to Golf with your Friends, followed by some games of Can’t Stop on Board Game Arena (cheeky referral link so we can’t get some free premium months). We think Can’t Stop is a classic and we were happy our friends now also know the joys of Can’t Stop even though Rachel won two out of the three games. 😉

We also played Aqua again, we’re still not 100% convinced of how much we like it but now that we’re a bit more experienced in it, we feel it’s a better game than our first impression led us to believe. We made a post over on Instagram giving some tips to take away some of our initial frustration, so if you are playing your first game of Aqua soon, you might want to check that out. (For the record, Rachel won.)

Our big game for this week was a game of Battlestar Galactica, including the Pegasus expansion! Since it was quite a while since our last game our friend decided to skip the ‘New Caprica’ portion of the expansion but did include the Pegasus board, the Cylon leaders, and the treachery skills cards. Even though the Cylons were revealed very quickly, I was executed in the first round and the other Cylon was instantly ousted as soon as he received his sleeper agent card, the humans just made the last jump before the full armada of Cylon ships was able to take down the humans giving Rachel, and two other players, the win. Battlestar Galactica is very much a game from a specific period in Fantasy Flight Games history, with loads of tiny cards, quite a bit of randomness, and a long playtime but it is super enjoyable and I was impressed I still had enough to do as a Cylon after I was executed in the first round thanks to the additions of the Pegasus expansion. We might need to see if Unphatomable can scratch that same itch as a second-hand copy of BSG, let alone its expansions, are not the sort of investment we’re willing to make.

Lastly, we played Agricola and Gap at a friend’s house ending Rachel’s winning streak…! Haha!

This week we’re continuing our Descent campaign, playing some more Threads of Fate and have a game of Stationfall planned, so expect loads of cool big games in our next weekly recap video!

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