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Since we started logging what games we played in late 2014, we have played 612 different games. This means we have seen and played a lot, and a game really needs an exciting hook or combination of mechanism to get us excited about it. This also means that sometimes one of us gets interested in a game that no one else seems to want to play, and these will go onto a mental todo-list hoping that one day the stars will align and we’ll get the chance to play them.

This year has been exceptional for crossing off some games of our bucket list. We got to play New Angeles, Millenium Blades, Mice & Mystics, Manits Falls, Mind MGMT, Oath and this weekend we’re playing the impressive table hog that is Uboot if we manage to learn its fifty-page rulebook in time. 😉

Roleplaying games and miniature games are a bit harder for us. While we’d love to try Forbidden Psalm or Tartarus Gate our friends aren’t generally up for them, plus running such a game takes quite a bit more time learning and prepping the session than when everything is already neatly in the box as with a normal board game. So sometimes you have to grease the wheels a bit with some chores or get a bit too excited when a friend gives off even the slightest inkling of interest in one of these games. Reunification is a real RPG btw, but getting people interested in writing a letter as a fictional character is definitely even harder to get people excited about, although maybe if we coax them with some Alice is Missing, who knows…

This week we did get to play loads of games, with three games of Heat, which blends Formula D and Flamme Rouge into a fast and fun racing game. The game offers some additional modules which so far seem pretty straightforward rules-wise while adding so cool depth. The only two modules we haven’t played are the upgrade deck and the season mode but we’re already gathering a fun group for that. We also continued our Artisans of Splendent Vale campaign which after a somewhat strange and filler episode-like scenario picked up very strong in this scenario. The game still has its highs and lows but if you want to see a creative team taking changes to push the choose-your-own-adventure and dungeon crawling into new directions, this is the one to look at and study.

This week we haven’t got any gaming plans except the aforementioned Uboot session on Saturday and Lucky Duck was kind enough to send us a copy of Cosmoctopus, so that will definitely hit the table as well.

What is the strangest game you want to play?

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