Today’s comic is a little late because I had to take some pictures of our awesome project that I wanted to show to you guys!

But first about the comic: it took us a few tries to win the first campaign (okay, not fourteen… maybe four) of Robinson Crusoe, but we really couldn’t manage it without some extra help like the dog. In the end it was a matter of finding the right strategy and having some serious luck.  I’m curious how difficult the second scenario will be. Speaking of Robinson Crusoe, we’ve made a nice insert for that game that I’ll show you next week. 🙂

… Tum tum tum!! We’ve made an Elder Sign chest! Or to be precise: we bought a cheap little wooden chest and made it look old and stylish and designed an insert that holds the game perfectly. We’re lucky enough to live nearby a university with a laser cutter that is accessible for public, so that made it fairly easy for us.

Elder Sign Chest

You can click on the arrows to see more pictures.
The amazing seals on the labels of the University and City of Arkham are from

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