A friend of ours got Formula D for his birthday, so we got a chance to play this ‘famous’ racing board game. I had no idea what to expect, but it turns out its fame is earned! We had a lot of fun during the entire race and it was unclear until the very end who was going to cross the finish line first. I won! Thanks to some lucky dice rolls I perfectly made it through some of the thoughest corners, while I started on the third place. It’s a smart and fun game that doesn’t take to long to finish and has tons of different ways to play it.

Besides all the different game modes, I’m very curious about the alternative map on the backside of the board. That seemed very challenging. And the game has no cards… so, with the temperatures rising and summer around the corner, that means it’s a perfect game for playing outside! 😉

What games make you feel like a kid again?

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