Hi there, I’m Mike Gnade, and I’m the designer and publisher of Maximum Apocalypse. Wasted Wilds is the next part in our long-running series and has been designed as a great entry point for new players while still offering old players plenty of new mechanics and characters to sink their teeth into.

If you’re unfamiliar with the series, Maximum Apocalypse is a roguelike survival adventure for 1-6 players. Each survivor has a unique deck of cards and abilities and you explore a map of tiles and try to accomplish your mission before you are killed by monsters or starve to death.

Rachel and Heinze have done an excellent job capturing what’s offered in our new expansion Wasted Wilds and highlighted two of our new characters along with some of our old ones from previous games in the series. Wasted Wilds is a standalone expansion, but you can mix and match with previous characters since any character can be used in any mission.

If any of this sounds interesting to you, I invite and hope that you’ll check out our Kickstarter campaign now through June 11th:

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