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Halloween! It’s a great time to get out your favorite “scary” games like Betrayal, Ghostel, Eldritch Horror or even Dead of Winter. Even though we would really like to play these games right now, we can’t because…

While writing this, we’re still in Essen! SPIEL is over and it was amazing and we’re completely exhausted and are now chilling with Efka and Elaine from NoPunIncluded in our hotel waiting for our train back home.

The fair was mostly a social thing for us so in the coming weeks, we’ll finally get to try out games our friends and us acquired. We’ve got some really good and interesting ones and it’s going to be a lot of fun to find some new favorites.

Speaking of favorites, one of our favorite moments was getting to make a game with Gil Hova on the Asmodee Live Stream in 30 minutes! We had no idea what to expect but thanks to Mathilde, Chris and Gil we had loads of laughs and it was over before we knew it. If looking at us goofing off with toy dinosaurs, rubber ducks and paper plates sound like your kinda thing you can see it all here.

We just want to thank everybody that made Spiel such an amazing experience this year. From people in the halls telling us they like what we’re doing, publishers taking to time to talk to us, all the volunteers that demoed us games and old friends that we only get to see once or twice a year. It has been an immensely rewarding couple of days and we hope everybody is looking back with as many amazing memories as we are.

What was your Spiel highlight, either online or from the halls?

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