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Heinze and at least three of our friends are colorblind, so we think lights above a game table are quite important to prevent confusion and unintended errors during a game… and it makes all the difference if we want to shoot a picture for on our Instagram account, of course. 😉

Last week, we celebrated our 12,5 anniversary together and made some fun photos for the occasion. They ended up looking like we’re running a YouTube channel called “Between the boxes”. Surprisingly, a lot of people actually thought that would be a good idea. We love the enthusiasm, but we think there are enough YouTubers that share their views on board games in front of a camera. If we are ever to try and do something more serious with Youtube, it’ll certainly be animated sketches. We might already have plans for that, maybe. Yes, who knows. One day. Tee-hee-hee.

Back to gaming – our biggest gaming surprise of last week was Dice Throne! We picked up one of the boxes of season 2 in a whim at our FLGS. It turned out to be a really fun game and right up our alley of fun games that don’t take over 3 hours to play. I mean, we also enjoy the longer games, but they don’t get played too often. Dice Throne is one of those games that you can easily get on the table and play in like thirty minutes. Oh, and those game trays that come with the game are a true delight.

And, in case you missed it on our social media channels, this is the latest extra comic, sponsored by
#020 – Horrible

Are lights above your (gaming) table something you pay extra attention to?

Yes, Although I am not colorblind I am visually impaired to the point where I may not drive a motor vehicle. A few months ago I found myself playing Brass: Birmingham at a friends and the low light he had for the gaming table did really make it difficult for me to read to be board, I do also have a colorblind friend so totally know where you are coming from and would have also done the same thing for my friend but he moved to the Netherlands about 3 months ago, Looking forward to seeing him there and seeing if his lighting is better now.

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