Introducing Mariecke and Willem in the comic! You might see them more often in the future.

As the comic already implies: we like to dress up the game days we organise a little. We don’t see all of our friends as often as we used to, so we like to make it a little more special when we do. The last time we had a High Tea while playing Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, and that was excellent. And apparently it also makes us better detectives! We scored 75 points and answered all the questions correctly in the fifth case.

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What themed food + games day should we plan next? 😉

Loving the strip. Keep up the excellent work!

One thing: that’s not high tea — it’s afternoon tea! 🙂

I would call it High Tea. It’s a higher class of your regular morning or afternoon tea. You have a fancy cake tray? High Tea. You have a packet of biscuits? Afternoon tea.

Ah, the way I was brought up, high tea is sitting up at a dining table, and probably having more substantial food, nothing to do with how classy it is. It”s kind of an early evening meal. If you sit around having tea, cakes, sandwiches, biscuits, it’s just tea. Then again, for many people in Britain, “tea” is your evening meal. Just depends on where you were brought up, I guess.

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