It’s the return of our new favorite side-character and Death certainly has no time to read all of those rulebooks! šŸ˜‰


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We’ve been giving away prints of our comics on our Patreon account and social media accounts lately and when we asked on Twitter if people would be interested in buying a print, we got a lot of positive responses. So we’re going to experiment with this a little more, starting out with the UK Games Expo. More info on this, next week!

Last week, we played quite a lot of games. We played another exciting game of Root with another really close call who was going to win. We continued our campaign in Charterstone, which just is a fun worker placement game. This was our fourth play and we’ve unlocked some pretty cool new gameplay elements for the next time we play it, so we’re looking forward to that. We received a copy of Bellum, a strategic card game by Ben Maloney and Ryan O’Leary that will be on Kickstarter on June 3rd. The art is slightly too gore to my taste on some cards, but I’m looking forward to our second play – thanks for the copy of the game, Ben!

From Osprey Games, we received the first Map Pack expansion for Wildlands! We are big fans of Wildlands and we had already planned on buying the new maps for ourselves on the UKGE. So, a huge thank you to Osprey Games for that. We’ve played one game on both sides of the map and we immediately fell in love with the Warlock’s Tower side, it’s so pretty!

And last night, we finally had our fourth D&D session! Whooh! That was great fun again and we’ve now learned to you should not start a bonfire on a mysterious magical stone. Part of the party was trying to find out more about this mysterious rock and experiment a little with different elements in this abandoned village. After water did nothing, we thought it would be interesting to try fire. So we all backed away 60 feet and my Warlock character used the Bonfire cantrip on top of the stone. That resulted in a giant fire, quickly followed by an explosion knocking all four characters unconscious… and blowing up our horses who were in the stables. Luckily, two of our party members were scurrying around somewhere else and managed to get us back on our feet. So, that’ ll teach us to be more careful next time… maybe?

Do you prefer reading rulebooks cover-to-cover or watch a rule explanation video?

I prefer reading the rules and learning with other players. Actually, my honest preference is to learn the game by playing it directly with other players who have played it before, but that sometimes isn’t an option. For some games (such as UnFair), the rulebook is actually part of the fun.

I normaly watch some youtube-videos before I buy a game, so when I decide to buy it I allready have a basic understanding of the rules. For the deep stuff I then read the rulebook.
Playing a game with friends who allready know the game and getting it tought by them of cause is the easiest way.

But looking at the Comic:
What would be the best game with death for your soul?
How are the exact semantics? Does death have to lose or do you have to win?
I would go with Galaxy Trucker because the rules say that everybody with a score higher than Zero wins. Some people win more than others, but everybody wins – you also have to be careful with the semantics, because death also wins.
Pandemic, Robinson Cruise or every hard coop-game would be ok, if the death has to lose, because you can lose on purpose and make death loose as well.

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