We’re both not really Magic players, Heinze used to play it in his teens but I wasn’t really into board/card games back then. But nowadays Magic comes with all these weird licensed releases that are too much fun to ignore. I mean, there’s even a Doctor Who magic set coming up later this year?! We did a Magic draft with friends when the Forgotten Realms series was released two years and that was fun for two afternoons so then they announced that there will be a Lord of the Rings magic set… we cannot resist! The boosters should be available in a few days so we hope to get our hands on fifteen draft boosters (three a person) and we’re thinking about getting one collector booster as a group just for fun. If we do happen to stumble upon that one One Ring card – we’ll divide any riches that might follow. 😀 I mean, there is already a party that is offering two million dollars for the card, madness!


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Let’s switch back to board games! Last week we played our second game of Evergreen and one huge advantage of this game is the super quick setup! It’s a matter of putting the box with all the wooden pieces on the table, all the players grab a player board, sun token and score markers and shuffle a few cards and put those on the table. It can literally be done in a minute, which is impressive. That combined with the lowkey puzzle experience, makes it a very accessible game.

On Tuesday we finally continued our Descent campaign, yay! We switched around characters and we had fun with the different approach of the scenario. We also really thought it wasn’t doable, but we did win in the end, so I guess that was a job well done by the game designers! It’s slightly on the long side to play it on a weeknight since this second game took us at least three hours to finish.

On Friday we didn’t know what we were going to play and then our friends pulled a classic from their shelve – Maharaja: The Game of Palace Building in India. It definitely looked vintage and I can only imagine how great it would look if it would be rereleased today. The game was fun and we had a great time. The fact that you have to program your actions on a dial before executing them in player order makes it extra tense. You might have planned something but if you’re last in line that means you cannot actually take that action and if you can’t: everybody but you then gets two coins from the bank. Ouch!

On Saturday we enjoyed an afternoon with friends and painting some miniatures. It was very laid back and honestly, we were more busy just catching up than really finishing our minis, haha.

Yesterday we played our first game of The Wolves! We really liked the interesting action system that is based on flipping landscape tiles. So if you’d like to end your move in a forest area, you have to flip over a tile showing a forest. On the back of that tile is shown a different landscape which you can use for your next action. We’ve also written a little about it on our Instagram account if you’re interested! Let’s just say that we’d love to try this game with more players to unlock its full potential.

What would you do if you pull that one “One ring” card from a booster?

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