We hope all our readers are well and are making sure they’re safe and making sure they’re not unnecessarily taking risks that might impact their surroundings. Heinze is a teacher and will be teaching from home for the next three weeks, for Rachel nothing will really change except for the fact that Heinze will be home full-time. This will probably result in some… ehhh, material for comics! :’-) Even our local boulder hall which we visit often is closed for at least the coming three weeks, so I guess we’ll be playing more board games?

We had a tough time deciding if and what we should do in the current situation, we opened a poll on Twitter which helped us a lot to explore and give a voice to our feelings and in the end, we decided that this would be the comic that we made about the subject. There are loads of good ways to enjoy board games without meeting up with friends. We enjoy the Star Realms, the Potion Explosion and the Onitama app a lot. There are sites like Boardgame Arena, software like Tabletop Simulator and you can run an RPG in pretty much any software you can send messages to each other. Maybe also try and support your friendly local gaming store by ordering a game there? Small businesses can use all the help they can get in times like these. 

It’s also a good time to catch up on your favorite board game content creators! We enjoy This Game is Broken, So Very Wrong About Games, 5 Games for Doomsday, No Pun Included, More Games Please and many more!

What is your favorite way to play board games online?

Yeah, i’m trying to contact my friends or whom i haven’t heard from for a while and just check how they are going, try to cheer and be positive. Online games are not new to me. Playing on Yucata for 8 years now (a bit less on BGA) 🙂

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