I proudly present the last of our series of guest comics! This was made by David and he went all out, Heinze and myself were both staring at the screen in amazement when we received this. David has put a lot of work into this and be sure to check out his Instagram if you’d like to see more of his work.

Hi, my name is David and I love board games! When Heinze and Rachel wrote to me to let me know I had a guest spot my mind started racing about the possibilities for my page! Do I do a joke? A comment on board gaming habits? A comment on board gaming itself? It was that last one that really excited me, and so I decided to focus on an element of the hobby that I think is one of the most basic appeals, the escapism.

Escapism is incredibly important sometimes, and board gaming is a great way to both socialise and use your imagination, all whilst having fun. Board gaming is incredibly special to me, and that’s why I decided to try to put that across with this page. That, and the reality that the board game addiction can bring… 😀

Combining my two passions of gaming and illustration is something I’ve been undertaking recently, with my first comic style review on my Instagram page @davidslivens, with plans for many more to follow. My ultimate dream is to illustrate a board game, especially one that I design myself! If you like what you see here you can follow me on the above Instagram page, as well as @davidslivensdrawsstuff on Facebook!

Thanks so much to Heinze and Rachel for giving me the opportunity to illustrate this week! 

I hope all of you had just as much fun seeing other people’s comics here on Semi Co-op as I did, giving these talented artists and comic creators a stage. So another big thank you for Mariecke, Annika, Jan Jaap and David. My vacation was fun and relaxing, but is now really over – back to work!

What is your favorite reason for gaming?

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