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We recently got Clank! thanks to our readers on Facebook! We decided we wanted our readers to decide what game we were going to buy from the Amazon credits we got thanks to you. And Clank! won by a landslide. We’ve played it a few times now and it surely was a good choice. It’s a fun combination of Ascension, Android: Infiltration and that feeling in Pandemic that everything might go terribly wrong when turning over a new card. I think we’ll be playing it a lot with our group(s).

A brilliant part of the game is that players can (in)directly take out the risk-taking players by increasing the chance of a dragon attack by buying more cards from the trade row. This is how I won last time, if he would have reached the surface, I would have lost by a few points.

Do you know other game titles that sound like foley sounds or exclamations? 

Well, there’s that crazy Danish dexterity game KLASK … where you’re sliding around a magnet piece below the table to move your piece above the table to bop a little ball into your opponent’s goal hole while simultaneously avoiding other idle magnet rolling around the table.
(Apparently, KLASK is the sound it makes when you accidentally move your piece into your own goal hole.) http://www.klaskgame.com/

There’s also SWISH … a real-time pattern recognition card game. The cards are made of clear plastic and have some combination of solid circles (ie balls) and open circles (ie hoops) in varying colors. Spot a pair of cards that can be laid on top of one another so that each of the balls fits inside a hoop of the corresponding color and you’ve made a SWISH, keeping the pair of cards. Whoever has the most SWISHes WINses!
(Of course, if you fail to make the “SWISHHHHH!” sound when making a pair, it doesn’t count! 🙂 ) http://www.thinkfun.com/products/swish/

There’s also the awkwardly titled Clonk! (exclamation mark too)

Description from the publisher:

The dwarves are loose in Clonk!, with many valuable crystals to dig up from the cursed mine, but a sinister danger is lurking in the dark corners. Who will manage to collect the most valuable load in their wagon and exit the mine unscathed?

It sounds both similar and not as interesting as Clank!, which I love!

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