Well hello, tea and board game lovers! As countries look for their next cuppa tea, set sail your most delicious brews in 🍵 Chai: Tea for 2. Facing off as opposing tea merchants, you and a friend will strive for the most victory points by securing tea clipper contracts and improving your unique tea plantations. Producing green, white, oolong, yellow, black, and the dark pu’ers, it’s a race! It’s a standalone, 1-2 player game in the ☕️ Chai series, still with the same vibrant charm, but with fresh dice worker placement and engine building mechanics. If you don’t have time after dinner for a long-haul game to complete five Tea Clippers, you’re able to get a 30 min. game by setting the ship goal lower. And did we mention there’s cute little tea tins as well, plus dice tray add-ons? It’s available on Kickstarter until June 4, so grab a cuppa!

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