Another comic in our based-on-a-internet-meme series! Other comics in this series are “This is My Hole!”“This is Fine” meme, that “Trojan Horse” one, the “Star Wars” one, and that “One in the bus with different views”. 


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This one is based on “Kombucha Girl” and is an often-used meme found all over the internet used for all sorts of topics. This was my actual expression when Heinze read that there would be a new anniversary edition of 6 Nimmt!/Take5! and my immediate thoughts were “We have a perfectly fine copy so I’m not interested.” but then, the article also said that the game comes with a co-op mode… And that’s when the “Nope, don’t need it”-expression changed into the “Ohh, what now?”-expression. We’ll see if curiosity will get the best of us when the game comes out.

While on the topic of co-op games, we were talking the other day and we have the feeling that there isn’t much movement in the top ranking of co-op games and we couldn’t really name any big new co-op titles (other than story-based/crime/dungeon-crawler type of games) either, besides Sky Team, which was a great hit last year. Luckily, there is always enough to explore that’s already out there. I’ve been really curious about the Terraforming Mars: Ares Expedition  – Crisis expansion, which makes the game co-op. On the other hand, I like the game as it is, and would a co-op experience improve it? It’s probably better to first try a co-op experience of a game that we think might improve by playing it co-op: Tiwanaku. At least when we’re playing it with just the two of us. The game comes with five smaller scenarios which are great but it also comes with fifteen bigger scenarios that just… work not as well for us. We do enjoy the game, the deduction and strategic placement elements, and the cool puzzle wheel – honestly, it’s fun! It also comes with a co-op variant and that might solve our issue. We’ll let you know once we’ve played it!

Last week, we didn’t play many games besides Tiwanaku and only got around to playing a game of 5 Towers. 😀 It quickly became clear that this game is probably best at a higher player count, so we’ll take it along with us to a bigger game night but we see the fun shenanigans it has to offer. This week is more promising for board gaming! We’ve got our next Descent game scheduled and a game night with six players on Friday! We haven’t decided on what to play yet. Heinze will be topping that with a game of Warhammer 40K and a game of Feudum this weekend. Curious what he’ll think of the latter.

‘Take 5!’ or ‘6 Nimmt!’?

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