So last week White Wizard Games (very successfully!) completed the Kickstarter campaign for their new game called ‘Epic’. Due to popularity, Star Realms was unavailable for about a year here after its release and we don’t want to wait that long again with Epic. That combined with us simply loving Star Realms, we just had to back Epic on Kickstarter and make sure we get the game immediately when it’s out. We gathered some people at our FLGS (Friendly Local Gaming Store) and ordered a few copies of the game so we could divide the shipping costs. This actually is the first (analog) game related Kickstarter that we backed.

One of the stretch goals of Epic was a Print and Play of the game! We haven’t played it yet. I’m not a big fan of print and plays (all the cutting and inky hands!) and prefer to just wait until the actual product as it is meant to be is in my hands. But I am very curious about the game play of Epic, so we might just want to try the game and outsource that cutting work or else we’ll have to wait until September…

Did you ever back a board or card game on Kickstarter? If yes, which one?

Excellent comic, great job!!!
I have just started funding on kickstarter and have now backed 7 games in the past 3 months! Excitement for a few of the games I’ve backed has resulted in me printing and cutting the PnP of 3 of the games I’ve backed, Epic being one of them. I’ve even established a fun way to draft with two copies of the Epic PnP which I’ve posted on BGG, I’ve included the link here:
And yes, by the end of cutting up 120 cards your hand will be cramping. But not as badly as the biggest card game PnP I’ve cut up. Millennium Blades is a fantastic game that should be released this January, the PnP was almost 400 cards – front AND back – amounting to almost 800 cards I cut out over the course of a week and a half!!!! Awesome game though.
The latest game I have backed and cut up the PnP is an AMAZING deck builder I cannot recommend enough currently on kickstarter called Dale of Merchants!!! Do yourself a favor and just watch Rhado’s Run through video – it will hook you! The game is fantastic and deserves more attention. Link included here:

Thanks for the compliment! I’ll look into your custom drafting rules for the Epic PnP, thanks for sharing.
And holy smokes, a PnP of 400 cards! Level 99 Games sure like their games Big! Millennium Blades does sound like a fun concept.
I hadn’t heard of Dale of Merchants, that certainly looks interesting! We might back that one! 🙂

I just backed a few this past winter, but haven’t received any yet. They’re all still in the works. Far Space Foundry, Blood Rage, Alien Frontiers (The Big Box), and Conan (shortest name on the list, but most $$$ spent by far haha).

I’m also not much of a fan of print-and-play… by the time you factor in the cost of ink, paper, time spent cutting.. I’d rather just play with quality production pieces.

I actually know none of those games! I’ll look into them! And I agree with your opinion about PnP, waiting is not too bad – there are too many amazing games in our collection that we could just play instead. Although I must say that I was glad with the PnP of BattleCON. It’s quite an expensive game and we had no idea whether the game concept would ‘work’ or be fun or not.

Four of us backed it together like you did to save on shipping. One of us printed them, sleeved them with a Magic card for stiffness and we’ve already been playing. Frustrated that it is only half of the cards, but really enjoyed playing him already.

Far too many board games! Going back through my list from most recent to least… Epic, Soulfall, Exploding Kittens, Epic Dice Tower Defence (which cancelled) and The Resistance – Hostile Intent & Hidden Agendas. Too many games, not enough time!

Haven’t sat down with Epic yet, but will do so soon!

i have not backed annything (dont own a credit card so i cant).
but i still do own kickstarters (thank Essen for that or i buy form store when its there. usaly kickstarters that doent make it to essen or stores arrent that good annyway.

i own zombicide, sentinels of the multivers, coup, the duke.

Lol! I just found your site through the Isle of Cats KS and decided to read through the Archives 🙂 Backing KS games feels a little surreal sometimes because they can be quite an amazing and adrenaline-infused campaign (Time of Legend: Joan of Arc was the very first game that grabbed me with that level of captivation). I believe the first KS game I ever backed was Kill Shakespeare, which was quickly followed by Rayguns and Rocketships and a few others. I think the only regret I have is The Legend of Korra: Pro-Bending Arena as I don’t find myself wanting to slog through the instructions and play. Truth be told I have a LOT of games on my shelves that still haven’t been played either…

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