Despite knowing a game very well, the one thing I keep confusing with other games is the number of cards a player draws at the start of a game. Two, three, four or five, they are all represented by different board games! Most of the time it’s either three or five?

Last week was tough, I have been taking care of my mother most of the week (she has five broken ribs and a partially collapsed lung) and Heinze and I have hardly seen each other, so I think it’s a first that we actually played ZERO board games! That’s a new low for us, but it’s more than logical between hospital visits, doing everything around the house and trying to get at least some work done, there is no time or mental space for entertainment like that. I feel kind of blessed that we normally do have the energy and time to play loads of board games. <3

And because of the whole ongoing situation, I’m going to keep this week’s blog post a little short. Hopefully, there will be better days soon. Take care y’all! 🙂

Are there rule details you always need to double-check in the rulebook?

Recently had the starting card issue when I played a game of Yugioh after having played lots of Magic.

I keep having to reference the rules for most of my Chip Theory Games games, despite being quite aware of the rules. There’s lots of little edge cases you run into that hadn’t happened before. I kind of enjoy that, means that the games stay fresh, but I can see how it would turn other people off.

Also, best wishes for your mom. Hope she’ll be alright.

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