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But seriously! Ever since we started playing board games on a regular base, our power bill has been going down every year. Certainly one of the benefits of playing a board game in the evening compared to just watching TV every night. A perfect argument to promote playing more board games! 😉

Last Thursday on April 11th was Semi Co-op’s fourth anniversary! Time has gone by so incredibly quick. And I’m really proud to say that during these four years, we never missed a single update! Resulting in 212 weekly comics, 3 sponsored comics and, thanks to CoolStuffInc, 26 extra comics for all of you to enjoy. We previously only shared the extra comics on our social media channels but felt like we were missing a place where people can read all of them. So… you can now also read them here on our website! We’ll post them on this page, which you can find in the menu under “Sketchies”. We’ll update this page on Wednesdays.

And we also upgraded our archives page, now showing all of our comics! 🙂

I also wanted to say a big thank you for everybody who read our silly comics, thank you! It’s been a really fun and interesting ride so far and we’re really looking forward to the future. And a special thank you for our patrons, it’s so amazing there are people out there that can and want to miss a few bucks to support Semi Co-op financially. 🙂

To celebrate four years of Semi Co-op, we’re giving away signed prints of your favorite Semi Co-op comic on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account! All you have to do is share your favorite comics, using the hashtag #BirthdaySemiCoop (on FB, don’t forget to set your post to public and tagging us to make sure we see your entry).

What’s your favorite Semi Co-op comic of the past four years? 😀

You obviously haven’t considered the added constant bright lighting at the table. My electric bill has gone up since I spend weekends will full illumination even in the daytime to reflect off the shiny board. 🙂 Video games, those can be played in the dark…board games, few exceptions, not.

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