I was childishly excited for Mysterium this year, crossing off days on the calender in anticipation for the release. Okay, it was not that bad, but I was really looking forward to this game!  And it lived up to my expectations. The art, cards, game components and even the box inlay are of typical Libellud/Asmodee quality: simply amazing. And most importantly: the game itself is a lot of fun too.

We think Mysterium is at its best with at least 4 players. We haven’t played it with more than 4 players yet and I wonder if the game is still fun for the ghost with the maximum of 6 psychics. That are a lot of cards combinations to keep track of…

Overall it’s a light and social game! For the psychics at least. It’s a totally different experience for the ghost that doesn’t get to talk and has to silently observe how his or her brilliantly chosen vision cards are interpreted wrongly. HOW COULD THEY NOT UNDERSTAND THAT THE WHEEL OF THE BYCICLE HAS THE SAME BIG ROUND SHAPE AS THE MOON?! It can be quite lonely and frustrating behind the screen of the ghost. But also very interesting: people are weird. If your poker face is not as solid as a rock, you might have to hide behind to screen to hide your agony and frustation if the psychics focus on a tiny little detail on a vision card that is completely irrelevant.

What board game release were you most excited about this year and was it as good as you’d hoped it would be?

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