This week it’s time for Spiel and I don’t feel like I’m ready at all, to be honest! This is the second time we’re going to Spiel and the first time that we’ll be there every day. Even on the press day on Wednesday, that’s going to be interesting. 😀 We only have a few appointments, so we can freely roam the halls most of the time. We have a list of games we’d love to try if we get the chance!

From the top of my head:

  • Nyctophobia
  • Blue Lagoon
  • Princess Jing
  • Robin Hood and the Merry Men
  • Shadows: Amsterdam
  • Treasure Island
  • Dinosaur Tea Party
  • Cryptid

(There are probably a few more that I forgot) Those are some of the titles we would love to demo, see in action and maybe buy. Mostly we’re just going to wander around and be on the lookout for things we haven’t heard of before.

But Spiel isn’t just about games, it’s also about meeting new people and seeing friends again. We’re really looking forward to that. So you are at Spiel and by any chance see us walk by, don’t hesitate to say hi! We’d love to meet your and we’ll be carrying around some cool stickers and bookmarks that we’re giving away for free. If you don’t want to leave it to chance to meet us, we’ll be at the Instagram meetup at Fritz Patrick’s at 5 PM and we’ll also be at the GamingRules meetup in that same venue at 7 PM. We’ll be taking our ‘Share the Love’-packs with stickers and bookmarks with us to those meetings as well!

How do you prepare for board game conventions?

I watch a lot of Top-something lists to see what is new.
If I find something interesting, I write it on some slip of paper that is lying around.
That note will soon be forgotten (or accidentally thrown away) and after a few days I will watch another video, repeat the note part and so on.
In the end I go unprepared cause I forgot where I put the notes and just randomly roam through the halls.

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