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It’s been a while since we finished Legacy of Dragonholt and we both agreed that it really deserved some attention. The game actually comes with an achievement list, which did result in us making some irrational choices here and there. I guess that’s our digital gamers background kicking in. 😀

Our characters were a wanderer gnome bard who needed to sing and perform when there was the option and a magic-savvy hyrrinx catfolk sage that couldn’t resist using magic, even if it was the less wise option. You could argue whether Legacy of Dragonholt really is a ‘game’, we consider it more like a gamified choose-your-own-adventure story. We certainly enjoyed the experience and we applaud the ‘unusual’  character choices that are made by the writers. Bravo!

Last week we were surprised by Osprey Games who wanted to send us some of their games. All of these games have been on our ‘interesting games’-list, so we can’t wait to play them.

Do you prefer playing a character of your own gender in games or is it irrelevant to you?

I am a woman and I play both female and male characters in games: E.g. in Near and Far, I last played Vera in Character Mode, in Arkham Horror LCG I am currently playing Daisy, in 7th Continent I am playing H.P. Lovecraft (yes, the weirdo is included as a character) and in Gloomhaven I am playing the male Tinkerer Nerin Steelclaw. I want to play compelling and interesting characters of different genders!
But I get angry if there are no female playable characters to choose from (or female characters at all; unless the setting is something like 1st World War), or if there are far fewer female characters than male, or if the only female characters are overly sexualised or conform to stupid sexist stereotypes — this still happens, unfortunately. And many games where people defend the absence of women with “historical accuracy” could even have included historical female characters if they’d done a little research. This sort of stuff is a reason for me to not play a game.

Luckily, since I am still primarily a euro gamer, where there are very few explicit characters of any gender, and otherwise play a lot of Android:Netrunner, which has lots of rad characters of various genders, I have plenty of games to choose from where I don’t run into this problem.

Escape the Aliens from outer space is great, it is my favourite hidden movement game!
What makes it interesting is that there is no board, each player tracks each other players movement in secret on their own board with a white board marker, This does mean that you have to pay 100% attention at all times or you are going be very confused.
The markers that come with the game weren’t great though we ended up buying separate markers at a stationary store but other than that great game.

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