Just a one-panel comic this week due to loads and loads of animation work and many days of working late I had to do last couple of weeks.

This week also a little behind the screens of making this comic:

I mostly start off with tiny thumbnails with stickfigure scribbles for a general idea in my notebook filled with Semi Co-op comic ideas. Then I roughly sketch it out digitally, make the line art, color it and add the text.

And yes, we actually ordered Imperial Assault and we’re eagerly waiting its arrival (Star Wars, yay!). We had set a price alarm on Amazon Germany for the game and a few days ago it said that the game was only 57 euro! Heinze didn’t hesitate and ordered it immediatly. 😀 Sorry dear European readers: a few hours later it was back to its original price (around 80 euro / 90 dollar). People in the USA are lucky with the crazy low prices over there.

Are there any games you find a little bit too expensive right now, but would immediately buy if the price dropped?

Instant buys:
– Star Wars Risk black edition
– Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective (which has the downside that you can only play it ten times)
– War of the Ring, CE, although I like Middle Earth Quest a tad bit more
– Antiquity
– A brief History of the World, although I haven’t bought this one yet, because I already own History of the World, so it’s not on my priority list
– Asteroid Escape
– The X-files (2015)
– Through the Ages, a new stoy of Civ
– Star Wars: the Queen’s Gambit

I never got into Descent, but I couldn’t resist going all in on Imperial Assault. What a great game. If you’ve got a bunch of people to play, the campaign is wonderful (As are the expansions.) But f it’s just the two of you, skirmish is super intense and fun.

waiting is hard, when you order somthing you want to have it right away. (usaly).
i have the luck that i can try most games bevore i buy them, i know a huge group of players, and the regular game event i got to has 600+ games. wich i still havent played all of them.

whe els has game that thay did buy but have not yet been played. and how long have thay not been played.
my one is probebly form last essen, has not hit the tabel jet.

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