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We present… a Semi Co-op version of “Dinosaur Comics”! If you don’t know Dinosaur Comics, then you’re in for a treat! The comic has been around since 2003 and the art hasn’t changed at all since the first comic. With the release of Dinosaur Island and Duelosaur Island, Heinze was screaming for me to draw this comic and I got to draw our characters in dinosaur suits, worth it! 😉

So we have only played Duelosaur Island, (disclaimer: which was gifted to us by Pandasaurus Games), and we really like the game. It looks really good, it plays fast and the outcome and score surprise us every time. If you are looking for a fun two-player game and you’d like to build your own dinosaur park, this is one we’d certainly recommend. We assume there is a lot of overlap with its big sister, Dinosaur Island, but we recommend you do look up some reviews first instead of taking our word for it.

It’s the Holiday season and that means there will be more time for games! Yay! We’ve got quite some gaming days planned with friends this coming week, so that’s going to be fun. 🙂 And hopefully, Heinze and I can tackle some games we still need to play from Spiel.

A few weeks ago, I made a fun Semi Co-op art commission for Calvin, which I can now finally share now that he’s gifted it to his girlfriend! Tadaaa: It’s based on the Netrunner card AstroScript Pilot Program, his girlfriend’s favorite card. With our own history with Netrunner, drawing this was even more fun and I’m glad everybody seems to love it. <3

ICYMI: The extra comics, sponsored by of last week:
#009 – Great expectations
#010 – Christmas Spirit

Any suggestions for good human-related puns? 😉

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