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There’s a cross-over between storytelling games and RPGs, but the word “game” can probably be confusing. We’ve played many board games with a storytelling element to them but we haven’t played many storytelling games. One has clear rules and possible outcomes are set in stone, while storytelling games offer you some rules but there’s no outcome that’s based on points or a score. It’s not quantified.

A friend of ours got himself a copy of Fall of Magic, which we absolutely recommend checking out if you love crafty productions. It’s a screen-printed fabric scroll that has a journey depicted on it and players collaboratively tell a story based on it. We’re going to play it this week and we’re really curious how it will be. To be honest, I’m not really creative with words when put on the spot and have very little roleplaying experience, so I’m slightly anxious about it. But hey, it’s always good to try new things and step out of your comfort zone!

Another storytelling game that caught our interest last week was Till the Last Gasp. This one leans a little more to the game side than to an RPG. It’s a two-player dueling storytelling game that gives players different settings and characters to duel with. The game has a smart action points system combined with objectives and drama cards to give players some guidance in their story. The action points give it more of a game feel, while you’re still telling a story together. We played our first game and noticed that our storytelling skills are a little rusty, but we did have fun with it and it’s something I’d love to get better at. We both enjoy the great number of creative storytelling games out there that don’t require endless sessions like traditional RPGs but it’s also something we need to become more comfortable with and we notice there’s not necessarily an overlap between board gamers and such games. 😀

Besides Till the Last Gasp, we didn’t play a lot of games last week just a game of Fish & Katz, a game of Chai and Akropolis. 

Oh and in case you missed it, we published the second comic in our Let’s Go! To Japan series last Thursday!

Do you have any experience with storytelling games?

It’s weird, when I’m playing a more normal board game, I can often see the emerging story from what’s happening on the board so long as the theme is not totally divorced from the mechanisms and I’ll lean into that.

I’m also into D&D and I’d like to think I’m pretty good at playing a character or describing a scene in those.

But if you put a storytelling game in front of me, with cards that tell me what I have to talk about, I don’t like it! I guess it doesn’t feel organic somehow like the others do?

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