It’s part two of our goofy guide to board gaming jargon! Click here if you’d like to first one (again).

This weekend, it was time for Halloween! And that’s something that’s not really celebrated here in The Netherlands, most people won’t even have candy if kids would actually decide to go trick and treating. I mean, in normal circumstances, with Covid it wasn’t even an option I guess.


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But, not actually celebrating it, doesn’t mean you can’t use it as a good excuse to grab some of those spooky-themed games from the shelve! In our case, we often play a game of Ghostel around this time of the year and last week our copy of Caretos was delivered, so that’s two games in which you frighten poor people!

If you haven’t heard of it, Ghostel is a fun dice placement game that combines simple rules with a good amount of take-that and of course ghosts! We also like that you can spend victory points to buy upgrades and one-time abilities, which keeps people guessing if they need to give up their position to get a bigger score next turn. 🙂

Caretos is one of the games we came across during SPIELdigital and we played a few rounds on Tabletopia. I was instantly hooked on the art style and the concept of the game. Having played a full game with the physical copy of the game, I’m glad we bought it! There was more strategy involved than we initially thought, making it even more appealing. I hope the game makes it way to the USA and other non-EU countries soon so everybody can enjoy it.

We also played our first game of Disney Sketchy Tales, which basically is a Disney-themed version of Telestrations. Each player picks a random character (with two characters) and action card (with four actions), they choose a combination and draw that on their sheet. They pass it on to the next player who has to describe what they see in words and cover the drawing with their sheet with the description. The next player then has to draw what is written down and it gets passed on until it reaches its original player. This makes for a hilarious game and we really had fun with it.

We’re hoping that the new SPIEL games will be showing up on our doorstep these coming weeks and are really excited to share our thoughts with you!

What board gaming term should we tackle next time?

Drafting games: games secretly used as recruitment tools by the military

Hand management: learning how to pick up game pieces from across the table without knocking the whole board over.

Set collection: the urge to buy all the expansions related to a game regardless of price or storage space.

Auction Games: you don’t know how much it’s gonna cost until you buy it! What do you mean you got Wingspan for $375?

Bluffing games: Twilight Imperium? Yeah, 90 minutes tops, trust me.

Legacy games: Games so old you probably inherited from your parents or grandparents, like Monopoly or chess.

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