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My mother actually asked this question last week and we thought it was such an interesting way of determining different genres of games! It just felt like a completely different and fresh look at board games. On Saturday, Heinze had an 18xx game day planned, so it was definitely going to be a flat type of game. 😉

Although I don’t mind playing an economic game, 18xx games take a little too long for my taste, so I didn’t join in. I did ask Heinze to write a little about what he thought of it:

18Chesapeak was a lot of fun! We had two super veteran players, me, with about ten 18xx plays under my belt, and two players who had never played an 18xx game before. Luckily, the new players were pretty swift in grasping the rules and soon realized 18xx games are fun even when you’re not sure what’s going on. Operating rail companies is pretty straightforward even if you don’t want to engage in 4d chess-like strategies and there is something nice about getting money in an operating round just for having stock in a company. In the end, one of the new players even won after feeling he made some big mistakes at the beginning (he didn’t) and we’re excited to play more 18xx games. Mission accomplished!

In the evening people didn’t mind playing another game and since everybody was in an economic mindset, we decided to play Crisis! The game remains underrated and has solid gameplay and the fact that players’ actions determine the state of the economy in the game which could result in making Axia go bankrupt and ending the game early, is just hilarious. I wish I had paid better attention to that though cause I could have won if I had blown up the economy two rounds before the last round… I should’ve sold those goods on the Black Market instead of the regular market. NEXT TIME!

Do you have unusual ways to describe games?

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