It was quite a sudden decision and we realize we didn’t mention on our website that we were taking a break for a month due to personal reasons, apologies. But the good news is that we’re back! Hopefully, the more than 500 comics in our archives kept you entertained while we were not updating.


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Kutná Hora: The City of Silver is one of those games we might have misjudged based on its cover. We’ve played the game multiple times now with two and three players and we really like it. In Kutná Hora you’re trying to become the most influential person in the town by mining silver and constructing different buildings. This sounds like your regular euro game but Kutná Hora has a few tricks up its sleeves to make it very exciting.

The most interesting twist is that the game simulates supply and demand in a rather elegant way. If you start producing more beer, for example, the price will drop because the supply of beer has increased, you do this by sliding a commodity indicator one notch to the right, showing a different number printed on the population deck. At the same time, your new brewery might attract additional citizens to the town, which you simulate by drawing some cards from the population deck, which might increase the price of a good.
This makes the game very dynamic as new citizens might increase the price of construction materials which spoils your plans, or it helps you out because your income skyrocketed. With two players, the market fluctuation is interesting but also manageable because it’s only influenced by the actions of two players so you can plan accordingly. With three players, we noticed that the market has a way bigger impact and will force you to change your plans sometimes. We’ve read that some people thought the market behavior gets a little chaotic and ‘too much’ with four players and after playing it with three, we can fully understand that planning ahead is much harder and that might get frustrating.

We didn’t play that many games in November but we did play a lot of new titles. Besides Kutná Hora, we played Ancient Knowledge, Virtual Revolution, Namiji and Wool Gang for the first time. I can’t write an extended text for all of those in this blog post like with Kutná Hora, but we enjoyed the tableau builder Ancient Knowledge (it’s not like 7 Wonders!) with its interesting timeline mechanism. We wrote our first impressions on our Instagram (click here to read). We played Virtual Revolution only once with a friend and we’d like to play it again now we all know what to expect. It took a little longer than we had anticipated but the game was very exciting and we all ended up with scores sooo close to each other! Namiji is a beautiful family game! We’ll stick to Tokaido Duo with just the two of us but we’re sure there’s a large group of gamers that will really enjoy this. You can read our impressions here. Wool gang is a nice little card game that we want to play more than once to write something about but our first impression was positive.

This week, we’ll probably continue our Descent campaign and we’ve got appointments with friends so we might play board games, but we’ll see if we have the time. 🙂

What was your favorite game that you played in November?

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