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Since its arrival in 2016, Santorini has been a pillar of the Roxley game roster, and for years our team has heard the call from fans wanting to see the game back on the shelves of their friendly local game stores, and to have easy access to some of the long-lost promo content.

It was that fan-driven passion that lead to our decision to breathe new life into Santorini with both the Pantheon Edition through Kickstarter, as well as the Santorini Essentials Edition, which will be headed to retail stores once fulfillment is complete on the game.

However, it’s not really on brand for Team Roxley to just leave it at, oh no! That’s why we’re also creating an all-new expansion, introducing cooperative play into the Santorini *ahem* pantheon. We’re vehemently opposed to creating expansions for the sake of expansions, which is why Riddle of the Sphinx is an entirely new Santorini experience, leaning on the familiar building blocks of Dr. Gordon Hamilton’s classic.

Taking players through several scenarios, connected (literally!) in what we like to call the Book of Riddles. Santorini’s brave riddle-meisters can bring new Gods into Riddle of the Sphinx by completing objectives in each scenario. One scenario is enough to pass through to the next Riddle, but completing them all unlocks more and more content as the journey progresses.

Each day of the campaign we’re revealing new Funding Quests for our community of backers to unlock, some of which has even been inspired by those very backers! To help us solve the Riddle of the Sphinx, and discover the Pantheon of powerful cards coming to this new edition of Santorini, please check out our Kickstarter campaign, which runs until April 28th!

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