Card shuffling! Quite an important part of card and board games. When you shuffle the infection deck discard pile in Pandemic (after the infection phase initiated by an epidemic card) and that same infection phase card ends up on top of the infection deck: people will (in)directly blame you for the outbreak! You shuffled the cards, so you must have done something wrong! Shuffling cards is a big responsibility in some games. 😉

I’m not particularly good at shuffling cards and one day Heinze had been looking around on youtube for some card shuffling techniques and came across the Riffle Shuffle! It looked amazing! I tried it with a cheap set of playing cards we had laying around and I can tell you that the cards are not very pleased. And whenever I try it, the cards also tend to fly around the room. For now I’ll just stick to shuffling by making several face down piles of cards on the table and combining them again to one stack.

Shuffling sleeved cards is even more interesting and extremely hard when your card sleeves are brand new and very slippery!

What’s your favorite way to shuffle cards?

Riffling then cutting 3 ways, riffling again, cutting 3 ways again, 1 or 2 ‘normal’ shuffling ending with a final cut. (but in fairness this is done with ‘normal’ quantities of cards like 32 in the picket deck or 52 with a normal deck of playing cards. I can imagine it would be overkill with a game like Star Realms or Dominion 🙂 )

(Practicing) riffling with cheap (flimsy) cards is way harder then with normal quality cards by the way 🙂
Try it with plastic (poker)cards, a world of difference.

The riffle shuffle and bridge riffle shuffle as more pleasing looking and sounding ways of shuffling. In my experience sleeved cards can simply be cut and then shoved into each other without much trouble. This cutting and shoving can be repeated multiple times for added effect.

If I feel cards to too clumped up, I’ll start with a pile shuffle (so dividing the cards into separate stacks) and then doing the above process. Since pile shuffling doesn’t actually randomize the order of cards.

I know riffle shuffling is popular in Magic tournaments for the specific purpose of wrecking the other guy’s sleeves.

If cards realy need a shuffel ill put them in diftent stacks (card 1 in stack 1, 2 in 2 3 in 3 but for in stack 1 and repete.) obe of the best ways to suffek new decks. After tiS ill give them the normal shuffel.

The bending/pharao shuffel is a pain ts see or hear for a gamer who is proud of his collection.

you can learn to rifle/bridge shuffle from the side (so the cards are vertical in your hands) – less wear on the cards and possible to do with sleeves on without the cards getting caught inside each other.

That’s my preferred method, or if I know the person whose game it is has a deep sense of care for their cards, Mash shuffle.

But generally, it really doesn’t hurt the cards very much at all once you are very practiced. With sleeves from the side its even less.

What i call yugioh style wich is easyer to show then exsplain but is based on the way they shuffled in the original anime it mixes the cards but prevents bending

Riffle shuffling is actually not hard on the cards – once you’ve learned how to do it properly. And that’s the key.

Someone new to riffle shuffling generally leaves the cards in horrible shape. This is probably why most gamers as a whole hate riffle shuffling, and have the same level of horror as seen in the fourth panel of the comic.

I’ve been riffle shuffling since I was in elementary school, which, coupled with stage magic lessons, means that I don’t beat the heck out of my cards. My first set of Netrunner was played solely with riffle shuffles for quite a long time before I got serious, and they’re still in perfect shape. Of course, I always shuffled for my wife (my primary partner), so didn’t have to worry how other people would handle them.

Now that I’m getting more heavily into the game, though, and actually going out to places, I’ve sleeved my cards and have joined the mash-shuffle crowd. Guess I’ll have to leave trick shuffling to other games 😀

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