I’m sure that there are creative and ingenious ways to make a tool that can write when you’re out and about, but it just would have been easier if you’d a pen or pencil with you. 😉

This comic is vacation-themed and that’s with good reason! I’m taking the rest of August off to recharge and prevent getting a burn-out because of working way too many hours every week. But luckily, you will hardly notice that Heinze and I are taking some time off. 😉 Our sketchies will continue updating weekly on Wednesdays as usual and we’ve arranged really cool guest artists to take over the coming four comics on Mondays! We’re super excited to share our stage with other talented people and to see how different our characters will look like. Hype!

When we called out for guest artists, we’ve got a lot of replies from artists and even more than the four slots that we had to fill. So we might do more guest comics in the future if it is convenient with our schedules. The coming four weeks, you’ll see comics made by Mariecke Kouwenberg, Anni K. Ninchen, Jan Jaap Sandee and David S. Livens.

But that’s in the future. This past weekend was GenCon, but we were way too busy attending GenCan’t. 😉 We embraced the advantages of not going to GenCon and organized a high tea game day yesterday. That meant a lot of delicious food, good tea, and fun games as you can see in the pictures. We started off in style with a game of Dinosaur Tea Party, followed by Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell where we drank a lot of tea visiting connections and going to fashionable parties! After a scone break outside in the garden, it was time for Cat Lady… because, cats! We continued on to another excellent game to play while enjoying a cup of tea, Dragon Castle. After a light dinner, everybody was ready for a bigger game and we let go of the high tea theme a little and we’ve played Great Western Trail. We ended the night with a light game of our own custom made Love Letter. A great start of the vacation I might say.

What are your favorite games to take along on a holiday?

Lost Legacy goes with me everywhere, but on a recent camping trip I brought my foam-lined, zippered case of Warhammer: Underworlds and it worked out quite well! Everything except for a rulebook fits snugly in the case, and it gives us wargaming addicts a nice hit when we don’t have a 6×4 table & plastic scenery handy.

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