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We’re super enthusiastic about the rulebook of Lost Ruins of Arnak, we enjoy it so much, that we agreed it deserved its own comic! After we’ve read it the first time, we just knew how to play the game and we didn’t need to check the rulebook at all during the game. We only check the backside of the rulebook during setup to see what the starting tokens are for the players. Compliments to Czech Games Edition for this rulebook! It looks good, it’s logically structured, and has the right amount of text and visual examples to make the rules easy to absorb.

Last week was a little bit weird. There are some things playing in our personal lives and I felt kinda drained. Nonetheless, we still played a game almost every night and that honestly surprised me! We kicked off the week by playing High Rise. We hadn’t played it in quite a while and we really enjoy this economic game by Gil Hova, plus it plays quite quickly (about two hours) with just two players.

On Tuesday we played some relaxing Dragon Castle! It’s funny that this was the first time we’ve added one of the extra modules (spirit cards in our case) to spice up the game a little. So far, we just didn’t think the game needed it to be fun, to be honest. The next day, we continued our Imperial Assault campaign that we started the week before and once again we were reminded: sometimes it’s way better to make a run for it than to defeat all the enemies on the board!

On Thursday something exciting was delivered! Our new table! Our old table was quite narrow, which often was a hassle with games with a bigger centerboard and player boards. We now have a table that’s 180 x 100cm and that feels like a perfect size. I’m sure it’s still not big enough for some games, but we just don’t have the room for a bigger one or one of those fancy game tables. The first game we played on the table was Hive, still one of my favorite smaller games.

We also played Lost Ruins of Arnak and we’re still amazed by the game after playing it for the fifth time. It somehow just clicks with us. I did lose the first four games, but this time, I finally won my first game! Hah – may this be a turning point for future games! On Saturday morning, we played a game of Chai, with a nice cup of tea, of course.

Now for this coming week, there will be a brand new Sketchie comic available on our Patreon on Wednesday. If you’re not a patron and reading this, for just $1 a month you’ll get access to the new Sketchies and you get to support our comic for which we would be very grateful. 🙂

Next week, we’re finally going to present our Golden Standees of 2020! We’re about a month later than usual, but then again, these are weird times and we’d still like to give away our silly awards to people/games/things in the board gaming industry. Better late than never!

What’s the latest rulebook that impressed you?

Wrting a cohesive rulebook is a neigh impossible task, one that I do not eny anyone, it is also such a fundemental and often ignored aspect of design and I agree that we should all applaude Jason and other’s like him capable of perfroming such sorcery,

May you never run out of mana. 🙂

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